Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco

There are various beautiful places to stay in Morocco, but there is a question that travelers pose each day, ‘where should I stay in morocco?’ If it happens that you have a city in mind, then go on and start filling the desired information. Below are various places you can stay in Morocco:

1. Logisla Marine- Sidi Ifni

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco1

  • This is one of the beautiful places in Morocco which was originally constructed by the Spanish.
  • This art- deco mansion has now become a guest house suited for individuals who are interested in a spectacular view of the ocean and the easy access to the other parts of the city. It is located on the ocean side of a hill.
  • A good number of the rooms have a view of the ocean and a fantastic look.
  • The rooms are modern, clean, and contain all the necessary amenities you are used to. Individuals at this place are welcoming and kind, sunsets are stunning, the views, and a relaxed atmosphere which will not.
  • This area is a must stay if you are located in areas of South Morocco.

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2. Riad Papillon- Marrakech

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco2

  • If an individual is in search of a romantic boutique, he or she should focus on staying in the heart of Marrakech.
  • The Riad Papillon is the best place for you. This is one of the luxurious boutiques which helps individuals to relax after exploring Marrakech.
  • An individual can take a dip in the pool to cool off or else enjoy relaxing as well as reading a book in a quiet place of the Riad.
  • A fantastic breakfast is served on the fresh roof terrace. There is a recommended tasting of an in-house meal on one night during your stay.
  • If you stay in Riad Papillion, you won’t be disappointed due to beautiful surrounding, amazing services as well as a great location.

3. Riad Maizie- Marrakech

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco3

  • For individuals visiting Marrakech, Raid Maizie is a home away from home.
  • It has a mix of Moroccan charm as well as friendly familiarity.
  • This place was brought back by craftsmen by use of traditional techniques which were located at the local mosque.
  • Riad Maizie is one of the comfortable budget options with five rooms.

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4. Riad Gallery 49- Marrakech

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco4

  • This is one of the favorite places to stay while in Morocco and for those interested in staying at Raids.
  • Riad Gallery 49 is located within Medina and has three rooms but gives a truly riad experience.
  • An individual can either rest on the rooftop day beds or in-house Hammam. Food at this place is amazing.

5. Riad 72- Marrakech

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco5

  • They are situated in a quiet street of Medina. Riad 72 is a calm oasis of a luxurious property located within the Red City.
  • The local and fresh foods, excellent customer service and attention to detail are what will make an individual focus on extending his or her stay.
  • The riad has a various number of rooms with private balconies, quiet courtyards and a chic terrace which helps individuals enjoy the rooftop views.
  • There is an excellent attentiveness to the clients by the entire staff. They are available for suggestions, to provide directions and in creating trips.

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6. Riad Malak -FEZ

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco6

  • Riad Malak located in Fes is one of the favorite places to visit with bigger rooms.
  • It has a beautiful interior with tilework and a colorful look.

7. Karawan Riad- Fez

Amazing Places to Stay in Morocco7

  • Karawan riad has gorgeous rooms and couches.
  • Karawan serves an amazing breakfast as well as dinner.
  • Karawan is one of the perfect places to relax with a romantic stay.

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8. Tigmi Mzine- Essaouira


  • Individuals enjoy exploring the relatively quiet and compact city of Essaouira.
  • Tigmi Mzine is one of the amazing places due to Airbnb accommodation.
  • It has three bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and dinner, all contained over three floors which are accessed by a spiral staircase.
  • There is enough space which can satisfy a family or else a group of individuals.
  • The amazing rooftop seating area has wonderful views across the Medina.
  • It is considered a very special area to retreat at sunset.
  • There is so much to explore such as camels, beach, souqs, ramparts, and fishing port.

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If you are planning to visit Morocco above are some of the places you can enjoy your vacation either with your family or friends.