Best Places To Visit In Morocco

Morocco is a great place for tourists. There are plenty places to visit in this country. Lovely people, a fusion of culture ( Arabic, European and Berber), great places, extraordinary foods, numerous shopping counters and lively night life attract a great number of tourists in this place.

Morocco is situated in North Africa. It is a an Islamic country. The Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea border the country. Arabic is their official language. But French and English are also spoken by the people.

Now, if you visit Morocco, you must visit the best places of this country. Descriptions of some great places are given below.

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Morocco 2019

Best Places To Visit In Morocco

1. Chefchaouen

  • It’s small town in Morocco ( north). The town is situated in the the marvelous Rif mountain peaks. The Islamic background and the footprints of its old culture can be found in here. The beauty of the place is in its blue painted house.
  • There are some levels in the town and every new level will unfold many new colorful things about the town.
  • You can have a good time at Uta el – Hammam point.
  • There are plenty of shops to buy from. The scenery of the blue and white houses are ideal for art and photography.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco2

2. Fez (Fes)

  • The small town is an UNESCO heritage site. This town had been the capital of morocco for 400 years.
  • One can find the true essence of Morocco in here. There are religious and cultural monuments here.
  • Fes el Bali, World’ oldest university, Madrasas , Mosques. ancient Islamic structures and many old sculptures can be seen in here.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco3

3. The Sahara Desert

  • Sahara is among the top three largest deserts in the world. If you visit morocco, you must visit this stunning desert.
  • The trips on desert and the night on the desert will be a mesmerizing experience for you.
  • The open sky, the camels and the natives will make you a part of the desert.
  • The safari on the back of the camels is really a life long experience to remember.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco4

4. Rabat

  • Rabat is the capital of Morocco. There are many French and Islamic structures here.
  • The grandeur of the place lies in its serene beaches.
  • The ancient Hassan tower and Chellah are really worth looking sites.
  • The most famous attraction is the Kasbah of the Udayas.
  • Good weather and shopping outlets add more charm to the place.
  • The palaces and beaches will captivate you.

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Best Places To Visit In Morocco5

5. Draa valley or Dades valley

  • In the lap of Atlas mountains, Draa valley is situated.
  • The scenery is great over here.
  • Some pre-historic discoveries were made in this region. So, the place has some significant value.
  • The heritage of his place attracts many tourists.
  • Apart from this , the mountains and the palm trees will really take you to a different world of nature.
  • To explore the place you can go on foot or on a vehicle.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco6

6. Marrake(s)ch

  • A 12th century jaw dropping minar is the soul of this place.
  • The Koutubia minar has a height of 230 feet . It’s a really great sight .
  • The place has a busy market and it’s good for spices and other shopping.
  • The Djemma el fna is the central part of the place.
  • Different street foods and good music make the place really enjoyable.
  • Great looking lanterns and leather made stuffs are truly attractive.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco7

7. Essaouira

  • If you love horse riding , then this place is a gift for you.
  • There is a medina in here and almost every route ends at medina.
  • The town has a great beach and you can enjoy wind surfing and horse riding over there.
  • Apart from that, hand made stuffs, jeweleries and many artistic things are here to buy.
  • For good food, the place is full of great coffee shops and restaurants.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco8

8. Casablanca

  • It’s a modern city of morocco.
  • The gorgeously stylish houses and the night life in here is famous.
  • There is Hasan the 2’s Mosque in here.

Best Places To Visit In Morocco9

9. Toubkal

  • Those who live trekking and mountaineering can come to this place.
  • This highest peak (North Africa) has a paradisaical scenery to offer.

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Best Places To Visit In Morocco10

10. Ait Ben Haddou

  • This place has been selected by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.
  • The place has an ancient castle. The castle was filmed in the movie Gladiator.
  • Many tourists stay in here for one or two days to explore this exotic place properly.

Morocco has more charming places to visit. But, the above places are the most attractive.

If you go there, you can experience some great world heritage sites.

The above information about the best places to visit in morocco will help you to visit the place more exquisitely.