7 of the Best Tourist Sites in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country located in the Northern part of Africa. Most of the sites you will see in Morocco are related to the country’s culture and traditions. The sites in Morocco provide an incredible guide as to the country’s past and present.

1.Marrakesh Medina

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  • Marrakech Medina is one of Morocco’s old cities. It represents over 1000 years of Islamic traditions.
  • You will enjoy as you experience the narrow streets of this beautiful ancient city.
  • Marrakesh is a place where people and tourists mingle freely as the enjoy the glorious sites.
  • The city comes alive during the evening when people congregate at the city square to mingle and relax after a hot day.
  • Here you’ll get to hang out with the shopkeepers, watch snake charmers and acrobats and listen to the charming Moroccan music.

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2.Hassan II Mosque

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  • Hassan II mosque is the largest mosque in Africa.
  • That should be reason enough to want to see this magnificent structure built in the beautiful city of Casablanca.
  • It covers about two hectares and it has the world’s tallest Minaret standing at about 200 Meters.
  • Everything about this mosque is beautiful and grand.
  • The walls are made of purely handcrafted marble and it has a retractable roof.
  • The walls alone needed an estimated 10000 marble artisans to complete.
  • The fact that it was built on the shores of the Atlantic ocean only adds to the overall beauty of the Mosque.

3.Fes El-Bali

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  • Morocco is riddled with ancient cities and Fes El-Bali is perhaps the most charming of them all.
  • This city is one of the largest urban zones in the world that have no cars.
  • The alleyways in this city are too small accommodate cars. This makes walking the most efficient way to move around.
  • Fes El-Bali is also the largest Medieval city surviving today.
  • It is the best place to view ancient Morocco in all its magnificence.
  • The best thing about this city is that it surprises you at every turn.
  • What may seem like a dark alley might lead you to some of the most magnificent structures you’ve ever seen.

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  • Volubilis is an ancient Roman ruin located near the city of Meknes.
  • It is a scary reminder that even the strongest empires can crumble.
  • It is located atop a hill in a very fertile zone.
  • The location provided the perfect place to rule over the countryside.
  • Even in the past, this city did not cover the Romans in a lot of glory.
  • The lost it to the local people after about 200 years of inhabiting it.
  • The locals successfully repelled any attempts by the Romans to reclaim the city and lived there for over 700 years.
  • Now the city that once spanned over 42 hectares lies in beautiful ruin. It is easily accessible from either Meknes or Fes.

5.Bab El-Mansour

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  • Bab El-Mansour is essentially a gate. However, this gate will remain forever lodged in your memory.
  • It is probably the largest and most beautiful gate that you’ll ever see. It is located in the city of Meknes.
  • Meknes once served as Morocco’s capital city. It was built by Sultan Moulay Abdallah in 1732.
  • It was built as a show of power and wealth and up to now it still portrays those elements.
  • It is a great place to take beautiful pictures as the sun sets.
  • After you are done with the gate you can tour the laid back city of Meknes.

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6.Ait Ben Haddou

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  • Ait Ben Haddou is an ancient city located on the edges of the Atlas mountains.
  • It is built entirely out of Mud Brick and it is surrounded by a high wall.
  • It is the best representation you will ever see of an ancient city.
  • You can either choose to walk along the city streets or climb up to the top.
  • The granary at the top is well preserved and it is definitely worth a look.


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  • Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
  • It is a laid back city with a cool and gentle breeze.
  • It is a painter’s and photographer’s paradise.
  • Each turn along the city’s alleys reveals something beautiful and unique for you to see.

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Morocco is a beautiful country with many beautiful sites. The list above is far from complete. However, it represents some of the best sites in Morocco. An unforgettable experience awaits at each of the above destinations.