10 Best Restaurants in Marrakech

10 Best Restaurants in Marrakech


Morocco has seen several civilizations rise and fall in its longstanding history. The cultural impact of different civilizations has shaped the lives of Moroccans and developed their taste for food. An amalgamation of different flavors awaits you on your visit to this unique country. Amongst the many places that you can visit in Morocco, Marrakech is probably the best in terms of the quality of food it offers. Below is a list of 10 restaurants in Marrakech that can be visited for satiating the taste buds:


  1. Barometre Marrakech

If you want to savor some of the best food in the region on your visit to Marrakech, then you should head straight for the Barometre Marrakech. A cocktail bar and a restaurant, it is located in the district of Gueliz and has a collection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks that can be ordered with a wide range of a la carte dishes. This halal restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean food and the menu consists of delicious dishes like crispy chocolate, foie gras and salted macaroons. This restaurant has indoor airconditioned seating and provides free Wi-Fi to the visiting customers.


  1. L’envers Marrakech

Music lovers with eager taste buds cannot find a better place to dine than the luxurious L’envers Marrakech. With its trendy and hipster settings, this place oozes class and serves as a great place for eating food. Mexican tacos served here are truly delightful and you can order tasty beverages to gulp them down. The menu also includes popular dishes like satay skewers along with a variety of bagels that are popular amongst the frequent visitors. The happy hour timings of the restaurant are from 6 PM to 8 PM. You can order a range of spirits at slashed prices during the happy hours.


  1. Naranj

For the lovers of Lebanese food, Naranj serves as a great destination. Order the mixed starters to begin the eating marathon and savor aubergine with meat to pleasure your taste buds. The mint tea served here is quite tasty and you can drink it after the meal for a satisfying experience. People with a love for sugary delights can order the cream of hallawa or moughli (made from rice, spice and coconut) to finish the dinner on a sweet note.


  1. Dar Anika Kitchen

This restaurant is home to some of the best main course dishes that you are ever going to find under one roof. Located in the riad, it has a great ambiance that makes your eating experience truly fascinating. You can try dishes like grilled beef fillet brochette, monk fish cooked Moroccan style or the always-tasty chicken seffa medfouna. Finish your dinner or lunch with sumptuous desserts like caramelized pears or milk pastille.

  1. Zeitoun Cafe Kasbah

Purest Moroccan cuisine can be had at the popular Zeitoun Cafe Kasbah. This is a highly-recommended eatery for voracious eaters, who do not mind consuming a few extra calories when they are at the right place. Loosen your belts, sit back, relax and order delectable dishes like tajine of “kefta” and peas, tajine beldi chicken or beef “makfoul” for a wholesome experience. Food prepared here is made by best chefs in the region and the raw material used for preparing food is always fresh. After your main meal, you can enjoy desserts like sweet churros and French traditional pancakes. This place also serves refreshing drinks like Viennese coffee and avocado juice.

  1. Bazaar Café

If you want to eat your food on a high vantage point overlooking the market, then Bazaar Café provides the best settings. This place is value for money and serves exquisite dishes like chicken tagine and tapas. You can also order some of the finest drinks available in Morocco. A variety of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails are available here. When you come to this place, you can opt between menu of the day or a la carte dishes as per your choice.

  1. Le Blokk

Le Blokk is a great destination for music lovers and also houses some of the best food in the area. It excels at Moroccan and Japanese cuisine, but you can also order internationally loved food items here. You can have ubiquitous sushi and steak or try the indigenous Moroccan delicacies for a unique experience.

  1. Corner Café

This place serves specialties like chicken couscous and falafel that are lip-smacking. The team of chefs is quick in response and the ordered dishes come quickly to the table. You can also have your meals on the spacious terrace that overlooks the Kenaria Road. The cuisines offered here are French, American, Moroccan, Mediterranean and European.

  1. Amaia Restaurant

Located at the Hassan avenue in Marrakech, the Amaia Restaurant is a place to savor delectable food. You can order local favorite food items like the shredded beef fillet with ceps and chanterelles to enchant your taste buds. If you are in a rush, then Amaia burger is a great option. The fish served here is one of the best in Marrakech. After having your main course, you can try a range of delicious desserts to satiate your craving for sugar.

  1. La Villa Des Orangers – Restaurant

La Villa Des Orangers is a gourmet restaurant in Marrakech. The lunch is served from noon until 3 p.m. and the breakfast starts after 7:30 p.m. In case, you are here with your loved one then you can organize a candle light dinner in a private sitting room. The French food served here is probably the best in the area and includes chef’s favorite dishes that should be savored by every guest. If you do not like to experiment with your food, you can have common dishes like omelets, club sandwich, salad and pasta.

Marrakech is a foodie-friendly city and has a lot of unique delicacies from Mediterranean as well as international cuisine. The spices used are sourced from different regions of the world and the raw material used is fresh, which makes for a healthy and tasty eating experience.